About Us

Perkhidmatan Sosial Pembangunan Komuniti(PSPK)

PSPK stands for Perkhidmatan Sosial Pembangunan Komuniti. PSPK is a non-governmental organisation and community-based organisation established in 4th July 2006 serves and supports the community regardless of creed and ethnicity. It is registered under the Registrar of Societies of Malaysia and tax-exempted organisation since 2009.

Founder Message

In the pursuit of our vision, we firmly believe that dreams alone are not enough—they require action. At PSPK, we are committed to not only dreaming big but also working tirelessly to create a holistic community that embodies sustainability and resilience, transcending barriers of race and creed.

To achieve our goals, we need your support and involvement. We invite you to join hands with us, actively engaging in our efforts to empower those in need. Together, we can bring hope and dignity to the lives of the marginalized and vulnerable within our community. Together, let’s take action and turn our dreams into reality.

With gratitude and determination,
Henry Sandanam
A Social Worker

PSPK Milestones

PSPK provides services and tap different resources that are available for the marginalised women and children through the welfare aid assistance and non-government resources.

The Service that we provide:

  • Services
  • Training
  • Social Entrepreneurship
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