• Community Service 
      • Women Development 
      • Sewing Training 
      • Computer Training 
      • Bakery trainning 
      • Senior Citizen 
      • Young Generation 

Our Aims And Objectives

      The Association of Services and Community Development of Gombak District, Selangor (PSPK) is a non-profitable welfare and charitable organization set up in 2006. It is registered under the Registrar of Societies of Malaysia and it is affiliated to the Selangor Council of Welfare & Social Development.

PSPK embraces a four-fold Aim: ‘D-E-E-R’





      With our above aims and objectives, we have managed to restore Individuals and families from our community. The policy of ‘Deinstitutionalization or Transinstitutionalization’ is the core value of our centres. In serving the community, we do not want to seclude people from the soceity by institutionalizing rather help them feel inclusive to the ongoing activities of the society and undergo rehabilitation. They are transformed and empowered with a renewed sense of purpose to reach their fullest potential in order to be channels of service and support for those who are in need in the larger community.