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Our Achievements

Mrs Malarvizhi (43 yrs old) - Owner of tailoring shop

As a mother of 3 children, I’m responsible for their well upbringing. By the sewing training I attended organized by PSPK Sewing Training Centre, I have achieved more than I have imagined. By this training I have learn a lot and this empowered me to open up a tailoring shop. Through this income from tailoring shop, I am now able to live a good life with my family. I am so grateful to PSPK Sewing Training Centre for the help they provided by having this tailoring training and empowerment talks through PSPK Women Development Center which changed my life.

Mrs Kalai (40 yrs old) - Owner of tailoring shop

I have been struggling in my life without a proper direction when I saw the advertisement by PSPK for sewing training classes. Actually I have been having interest in tailoring for quite some time and when I saw that PSPK Sewing Training Centre is offering tailoring classes with minimal fees, I decided to join the training. PSPK not only offering training classes but they are also offering empowerment talks which educates on life development through PSPK Women Development Centre. Now, I am a proud owner of a tailoring shop after attending those tailoring classes. I really thank PSPK for all they have done.

Madam Pushpa (50 yrs old) – Stall uplifting

I am a single mother with 7 children and for living I’m having a grocery stall in market. For quite some time, my shop has not been making any good profit due to the lack of support. One day, I attended PSPK Women Development Centre for a Women’s meeting after been invited by a good friend. I’m so grateful that I attended the meeting as they gave me a lot of encouragement and support for me to continue to run my business. Now my business has become better after the empowerment talks by PSPK Women Development Centre and support by all the mothers. I would like to thank PSPK for this great help they have done.

Mdm Batmawathy (40 yrs old) - Took BC and IC with the help of PSPK Community Service Centre

My name is Batma. I’m a single mother with two children. Since small, I never had birth certificate and Identity card. I have tried so long to get both but I did not succeed in getting it. After my husband’s demise, I do not know that to do with my 2 children when few members of PSPK mothers committee visited us to offer any help to me after my husband’s demise. I have been given school uniform annually for my children since then. I have also been attending women’s meeting in PSPK. As a single mother I don’t have any support from anyone but PSPK mothers group has encouraged me in many ways. My children are also attending the free tuition classes organized by PSPK Young Generation Centre. PSPK Community Service Centre also tried 3 years continuously to get me my birth certificate and identity card. They have been running all over from Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya to get me my documents. And after running up and down to all this places for 3 years continuously, PSPK Community Service Centre finally succeed on getting me my birth certificate and identity card. I would really thank PSPK Community Service Centre from the bottom of my heart for getting my birth certificate and identity card. Through this, I would able to get a job and my children also could put my name in their birth certificates.

Making Baking Items

PSPK have really helped me for my home-based bakery business. I have been making cakes for functions in small scale for a number of years. But all the cakes I make are very simple ones and so I have been getting very less orders. After attending PSPK Bakery Training Centre, I have gained more knowledge in baking and now I’m able to make variety of cakes and now I’m getting more orders now. Now I’m making more profit from my home-based bakery business all thanks to PSPK.

Mrs. Mages (38 yrs old) - Parenting skill

I’m a mother of 5 Children. For quite some time, I have been having a hard time bringing up my children. I was on the verge of giving up when I heard about PSPK Women Development Centre, women's meeting which has benefitted a lot of mothers. I decided to try to attend this meeting to find solution for my problem. I am so surprised with the ideas and empowerment I got from PSPK women meeting by the talks they give. I really learned a lot of parenting skills after attending all their women's meeting. Now I’m able to communicate better with my children and bring them up in a good manner. I am also enrolling in their PSPK Sewing Training Centre to learn sewing.

Mdm Letchumi (59 yrs old) - Elderly with rheumatism problem

I am an orphan with no family. I support myself by picking papers from road side and selling them. When I was doing this, PSPK mothers committee members saw me and brought me to PSPK Women Development Center. I was taken to stay in the home. I am also a back pain patient and can’t walk very well. After taken to electro therapy treatment at PSPK Senior Citizen Wellness Center a few times, now I’m able to walk better now and my back pain is also reduced. I’m very grateful to PSPK for taking me in their home and also curing my back pain.

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I am Chinese educated and from a very typical Chinese background. It has been very difficult for me to communicate with other people from different race as I have been struggling with my language. Now, I’m having a better communication with people from other races after attending Adult English Classes organized by PSPK for people like me. I really thank PSPK for this.

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I have been having interest in doing community work for so long. It’s just that I do not know the correct place where I could contribute to the society. I heard about PSPK Community Service Centre and the work they are doing and decided to approach them if I could join them as a volunteer. They accepted me gladly and now I’m able to contribute to the society by doing the community work in PSPK, now I am in charge of PSPK Chinese mothers committee.

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I’m a student studying in Form 4. I noticed all my classmates having computers at home and have reasonable computer knowledge where they use at times to present their school work. As I’m from a lower income family, my family could not afford to buy a computer and also to send me to a computer class. I’m so sad thinking about this. Then my mother who attended PSPK Women’s Meeting said that PSPK is having computer classes with affordable minimal fees and decided to send me there. I am so happy to know this and now I’m able to do my school work in a better manner.

I am a single mother with 9 children, with my children I’m often worried for them and as what to do when they are alone at home. I spoke about my worry to a friend of mine who suggested that I send my children to PSPK Young Generation center where they have a lot of activities for young children and students. I decided to try to send my children there. Now, I am very happy with my children’s development after sending them to PSPK Young Generation Centre. They have since gained a lot of benefit there and have my worry free. I am very thankful to PSPK.