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      • Young Generation 

About the Chairman

      Rev. Henry Sandanam, the founder and President of Association of social services and Community Development of Gombak District, Selangor (PSPK) was born and brought up in Penang, Malaysia. He moved from his hometown Penang to Kuala Lumpur where he had a calling to set up a community service which would concentrate on empowering lives of many people in need. Rev. Henry is a dedicated individual & workaholic too, who would walk that extra mile to help anyone in need. He commenced his social ministry at a very young age.

      God has favored him by allowing tremendous and explosive growth to accompany his ministry. This is just the beginning of the vision God has given him to develop the society. He has also additional staffs who are also inmates to help to meet the needs of this growing Social Work Centre's.

      Rev.Henry, has also featured locally on the Astro Channel & RTM Radio Minnal FM Channel on various occasions to give talks on how PSPK - the NGO reaches far & wide to give a helping hand to those in need. He has also given talks on interesting topics at schools too. PSPK also has in-house programs for tailoring, computers & various services provided for the youth & women.

      Rev. Henry Sandanam is responsible for the overall management of PSPK; stretching from the strategic direction and planning, to fund-raising and projects, to implementations of programs and services. He is accountable to PSPK Committee.