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Our Centres



PSPK seek to strengthen the family unit, which lays the foundation to any society, by serving the needs of children, youth, the mothers, families and the community. PSPK aims to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty by providing shelter to the homeless. For the youth, it does the necessary to secure at least the basic primary education. For the women PSPK strives to promote gender equality and empower women. We serve them through the following platforms or channels.

Whom does the project benefit?


The project directly benefits youth and kids who are from low income families struggling to make a living. The students will not be charged for their remedial/tuition classes and they receive free stationeries and education.

The aim of the whole project is to empower youth, enable them to be self-reliant and be self supportive. Hundreds of youths and kids can be trained using this centre. Rather than giving them a fish daily, teach them to fish is the philosophy.